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Recent News Article featuring advice from Aviva Chepurny of Barking Along and Dianne Eibner of Jog-A-Dog on What to Look for in Hiring a Dog Walker:


Professional Dog Walking and Pet Care requires special skills and knowledge of animal behaviour, therefore we have adapted a mission statement for professional dog walkers:

“To enhance the quality of care given to our clients and to uphold our professional image through the Code of Conduct and Ethics, and Certification Program.”

Here at, we maintain high standards of professionalism in the pet care industry. Therefore we continue to pride ourselves on setting a limit of 6 dogs to one person. Further to that, we require each dog walking company to obtain and meet the following credentials to be accepted and listed in the Directory.

All Companies Listed on
#1. Are Bonded and Insured.
#2. Are a Registered Business.
#3. Walk a maximum of 6 dogs per group.
#4. Provide references from pet care professionals/clients.
#5. Have knowledge of Dog Training and/or proof of volunteering at a shelter.
#6. Have knowledge of Pet First Aid and/or Completed Certification.

#7. Pledge to uphold the Code of Conduct and Ethics.


As a Professional Dog Walker listed on, your pledge to professionalism will make you stand out from the rest! Do not forget the reason why you got into this business in the first place – you love and wanted to work with animals!


We can help you obtain these credentials!  Have a look on the Education & Resources Page.

Contact us to learn how you can obtain these requirements and get listed in the Directory.


We also provide a NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY within the membership.  Members refer jobs that may be out of their area, but feasible for another company listed in the Directory.


ProDogWalker offers a special  Insurance Policy with Bonding  exclusively for members.


 Listing Fee for one year is $55


Benefits of Listing Your Company
You represent and are associated with other professionals in your industry which maintain high standards.
Insurance coverage designed exclusively for members of ProDogWalker.
Personalized Business listing with your logo, service area, description and all pertinent contact info.
ProDogWalker is extensively search engine optimized by your location, services you provide and your business name.
You will be a part of the networking referral program within the membership.
Use of the ProDogWalker logo on your website and promotional materials distinguishing you from all others.
Benefits of Hiring from
You will be hiring a professional who has a vested interest in their industry as a career.
Your Dog Walker is a Registered Business and is Bonded & Insured.
Your Dog Walker pledges to walk a maximum of up to 6 dogs per group.
Each company meets the criteria required in order to be a member of
Each company signs the ProDogWalker contract to uphold the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics for their business.


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